Sunday, 2 October 2011

Introducing Ellis

Hello blogger folk. Big apologises for not posting anything crafty for nearly a month but I have a reasonable excuse this time lol! Bloggers that are not Facebook friends will not know that I am now the proud owner of a rescued collie cross called Ellis. We have had him for five weeks now and the time has gone so quick. He is a fantastic little dog but just needs some work when he is out on walks as he is not sure how to greet other dogs. He runs up to them and gives them a doggy sniff but then quickly runs away again while the other dog looks on thinking what a loon! He also loves jumping up at people if they happen to glance at him to give him a friendly smile. Ellis takes this as they want to play and doesn't think to check that this is ok with them before he goes and bounces on them......very embarrassing!

Ellis does not like his photo taken and he does not like the hoover. In this picture he is hiding at the top of the stairs away from the hoover and I go and make it worse by taking his pictures so he is not looking very happy. We can only take pictures of him while he is asleep because as soon as he sees a camera he will look or run away. Obviously not going to be a model then......

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