Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Gelli Art

Hello, thanks for popping in. Thought I would add a post to show what I made in a fantastic workshop with John Bloodworth. I spent a really lovely day at The Mulberry Bush in Thatcham, at the weekend playing with lots of paints, stamps and stencils along with the fabulous Gelli Plate.

I have been the owner of a Gelli Plate for quite a long time, however I have never really used it properly, so I was so pleased when I found out that John's workshop would be all about the Gelli Plate. For those of you that don't know, John Bloodworth (aka Gentleman Crafter) is spending a full year travelling the country in his camper van, running workshops, all for charity. The charity he is working for is Mind and it does brilliant work helping people affected with mental illness.
You can catch up with all of John's work, here

I met some lovely ladies on Saturday and we all had great fun getting to grips with the Gelli Plate. We spent the morning creating loads of background papers, before assembling our MDF boxes. Then after lunch we set about covering them in the Gelli designs that we had created.
Really pleased with how my boxes turned out. Can't wait to have another play.

Thanks for stopping by

Julie xx


  1. Hi Julie. Yes it was a lovely day on Saturday. Enjoyed it very much. Must find time to get the Gelli plate out now. Love your boxes. I haven't tried the Opal Glitter yet.

    1. Hello, many thanks for your comment, I am guessing you may be Brenda in disguise, apologies if I am wrong. Yes it was a lovely day and the Opal Glitter is beautiful. I gave my matchbox a coat of it but it doesn't really show in the picture. It may need sealing in if the project is going to get a lot of handling as it feels like it may flake off as the Glitter bits are quite large. Love the effect, but my photography is not up to scratch lol.

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