Sunday, 11 February 2018

Reason For Lack of Posting...sorry!

Oh dear...really neglected blog. Apologies to anyone expecting a post but for the past two weeks my attention has been turned to a new blog and Facebook page that I have had to set up. Yes I did say had to! Some of you may know that my Collie had a terrible accident last July. The clip on his lead released him into a lorry and he suffered catastrophic injuries resulting in him being permanently disabled. Company of Animals who manufacture the double ended, HALTI training lead that we were using are being very unhelpful. They are washing their hands of any responsibility so I had to set up a Facebook page to gather other dog owners stories to help build my case against them. Well it has been quite successful, I have had plenty of lovely people leave messages of their experiences with HALTI lead products. If you are interested my blog page is  however all the comments and evidence is on

Normal blog posts will resume later this week

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  1. Sorry to hear of your problems Julie and hope things get sorted for you soon.